Year 2010 - number 7

Page updated on July 23rd, 2010

Euphoric newsletter 
A project funded by European Commission - DG SANCO

The document, which is above all aimed at the European Commission and those who have worked at the front line on the project, gathers together all the results obtained during the different phases of the project and traces the work undertaken. Even if its interests were focussed on some selected procedures, Euphoric might be considered the initial spark to make policy makers and all the interested stakeholders aware that the implementation of systematic outcome assessment throughout all European member states might be possible and further investments should be sustained. In particular, Euphoric enhanced the important aspect that it is possible for hospitals to confidentially self-benchmark their in-house mortality rate when managing acute myocardial infarction, thereby triggering a process of improvement of provided health care with a direct benefit for the patients. The report was prepared by Marina Torre (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy) based on the contributions submitted by each partner.
Download the final report (pdf 3,6 Mb).

Simple and concise, “Highlights from the project” is particularly aimed at stakeholders and decision makers. “Evaluating health systems in order to improve the quality of treatment” allows the partners of the project to develop a relationship of positive communication with the media so as to present and promote the activities undertaken in the Euphoric project. The aim is to target specialized media and eventually reach the public. Both documents are available in English and in Italian. Download them by selecting the preferred language:

  • “Highlights from the project” (English; Italian)
  • “Evaluating health systems in order to improve the quality of treatment” (English; Italian).

Starting from the results of the Euphoric cardiovascular pilot study, the European project Eurhobop (European Hospital Benchmarking by Outcomes in acute coronary syndrome Processes) was launched in September 2009. Funded by the EU Commission under the second Public Health Programme 2008-2013, Eurhobop seeks to provide European hospitals with a validated set of statistical functions to assess their performance in the general management of acute myocardial infarction or unstable angina patients and in the use of the treatments aimed at removing the coronary artery occlusion. Eurhobop is intended to provide the European Community with valid standardized and adjusted benchmarking tools that permit European hospitals to monitor their outcomes in key procedures used in coronary artery disease.
Visit the Eurhobop project website.

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The Euphoric project (European public health outcome research and indicators collection) is funded by the European Commission (Directorate General for "Health and Consumers"), under the Programme of community action in the field of public health (2003–2008). It focuses on the strand of action “to improve information and knowledge for the development of public health”. This newsletter was produced by a contractor for Directorate General for "Health and Consumers" and represents the views of the contractor or author. These views have not been adopted or in any way approved by the Commission and do not necessarily represent the view of the Commission or the Directorate General for "Health and Consumers".