Francesca Moccia

Page updated on June 4th, 2009

Francesca MOCCIA
National Coordinator for the Tribunal for Patients’ Rights – Cittadinanzattiva (Active Citizenship)

An important step in forming a united Europe in the field of health is to have common indicators that can be used on a European scale.

In a situation in which the way services are provided and their quality is very incoherent, there exists the need to possess tools that allow every person’s rights to be recognized. It is essential that the right to health is valid and equally demanded by all citizens in Italy as well as Europe. As a matter of fact, evaluation is not only an indispensible tool to understand the true impact of health services on a citizen’s health. It is an end in itself. Furthermore, it is the most effective tool in obtaining an improvement in that service. It is possibly the only way in which whoever provides the services and whoever uses them are equal. Without contrasting attitudes or antagonism, but by discussing it constructively.

Indeed, it is those citizens, through their own choices, who have a decisive role in the process of improving health services. However, in order to make choices, it is necessary to have information. That is why we ask for transparency: the more you know, the more capable you are of getting treatment where there are better services. And it is everyone’s right to be able to do so.