Year 2009 - number 5

Page updated on January 29th, 2009

Euphoric newsletter 
A project funded by European Commission - DG SANCO

The workshop held on 11 and 12 December 2008 signalled the closing of work done on the Euphoric project. During the six workshop sessions (pdf 760 kb), the speakers presented and shared the results obtained in the various phases of the project. All the presentations, including a brief introductory summary, are available online.
Moreover, an introductory poster (pdf 57 kb) was presented at the workshop to explain measurements and evaluations. Its graphics were created to understand and identify the Euphoric project’s priority. In actual fact, the project involves gathering, processing and analysing data at the Community level in order to achieve an efficient monitoring of the public health area which provides objective, reliable, compatible and comparable information and is useful to the Commission and member states to improve information directed to the public and help create strategies, policies and actions at an advanced level. The same graphics also describe several other planned products for dissemination:  the leaflet, the video, the final report, the executive summary and the press kit.

Look at all the material presented on the occasion of the final workshop.

With a view to fully sharing the data and material related to the project, the latest deliverables, which as yet have not been downloaded onto the “Technical reports” section,  have been made available. It is now possible to consult useful documents related to:

Look at all the documents in the “Technical reports” section. 

For more details:

The Euphoric project (European public health outcome research and indicators collection) is funded by the European Commission (Directorate General for "Health and Consumers"), under the Programme of community action in the field of public health (2003–2008). It focuses on the strand of action “to improve information and knowledge for the development of public health”. This newsletter was produced by a contractor for Directorate General for "Health and Consumers" and represents the views of the contractor or author. These views have not been adopted or in any way approved by the Commission and do not necessarily represent the view of the Commission or the Directorate General for "Health and Consumers".