Page updated on April 6th, 2009


- definition of a list of outcome indicators
- collection of information from the participating countries

Developing a list of outcome indicators: a step-by-step process

The indicator selection process included a review of the literature (pdf) and an analysis of web sites and documents concerning collections of indicators relevant to nine areas of interest: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, orthopaedics, transplantation, emergency diseases, neonatal/maternal and miscellanea.  

Basic criteria for selection were: availability and relevance to clinical and policy level.

A draft list of outcome indicators related to the areas of interest was prepared. The draft list was then amended and integrated after consultation among the partners. The final list was based on the consensus reached among the partners.

Collecting information from the participating countries: the questionnaire

A web-based questionnaire was drawn up in order to gather information about and from the participating countries.

The collected information regards the countries’ health care systems as well as the data sources available in the participating countries to determine the selected outcome indicators.
All the collected information was uploaded in a searchable web-based database.

The methodology and the results of the survey are described in the Deliverable N. 1: "Survey: the first phase of the project" (pdf).